Thursday, January 19, 2012

What to do when you waiting on the steps?

I talked to my construction buddies that are assisting me with moving the steps and the official date is...........(drum roll please)..........


Yepper! So in the meantime the inside of my house is all tore up. It isn't like war zone but it is definitely messy to live in. I have found that I have been spending way too much time watching TV. I hate to admit it but it is true so I decided that I was going to try my hand at something completely different- Furniture making. Please refrain from rolling your eyes but I REALLY love mission style furniture and I have always wanted my whole house filled with it, however, it is a little pricey for my taste. So I am going to make my own with the help of my new friend Ana White! If you have never been on her site then you are in for a treat. Here are a few of the plans that I plan on building for myself:

I want to build this because I have this:

Just remember that FINN is N-O-T as innocent as he seems here. I wish I had a dollar for every time I have said yelled, "FINN! GET OUT OF THE GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!" So my first project is going to be a trash bin that tilts out and hopefully will outsmart Finn. You can find the plans here: Trash Bin Plans

The next project I love is this farm house queen bed but I am planning on staining it instead of painting it. You can find the plans here: Farmhouse Queen Bed

How about a nightstand? You can find the plans here: Farmhouse Bedside Table

How about a dresser? This one does not have a mirror. (Thank you Little Baby Jesus) You can fetch the plans here: Farmhouse Dresser

If you got to Ana White there is so much information that my computer takes a while to load all the images. I would love to know what others think of this site! It has truly inspired me to do something besides watch TV at night.


  1. LOVE it!! So the bed does need a box spring?

  2. You can make it for a use with or without a box spring. That is one of the cool things about it.