Saturday, January 7, 2012

How to build a play ground for your kids without a hammer and nails! Really!

Okay, Maybe the title was a little misleading but if I said, "How to build a playground for your GOATS with out a hammer and nails" you may not have read it. But here on my farm we raise Nigerian Dwarf goats with the herd name of Zen Goaties and you can check out the website at: or on Facebook (shameless promotion of my goats)

Well goats really are a playful animal and I can watch them for hours. Especially the babies in the Spring! My friend Jim at Wesley Acres , who also has goats, called me to let me know that he found some electrical spools on Craigslist and wanted to know if I get some. Get some??? HELL YEAH!!! They were $20.00 a spool and were new! So we hitched up my truck and trailer and got us some spools! I got them home some time last month where they sat around in front of the barn,  Today Big L took it upon himself to make a "goatie playground AND he actually took pics. Wow! A mothers proud moment. So this isn't really DIY stuff and I had no part of it but I liked the pics enough that I wanted to share with anyone that would look. By the way, this is what I see out my window when I am washing dishes . Life is good.

Enjoy scenes from Spool Mountain! 

Alex, the Queen of the herd, exclaims from the top, "WOW!! A new playground! Everybody come and look!"

Faline says, " DO NOT even think about coming on my spool!"

Isadante, "Marco" Dolly, "Polo"
Clara asking the other goats, "Could someone give me a hoof up? PLEASE?!?!"
Alex yells from the top of spool mountain, "I AM THE HERD QUEEN!!!!"

You got to love the big personalities of the little goats! So Spool Mountain cost me $80.00. Fun for the goats: PRICELESS!!!!!!


  1. They look great. Looks like everyone is having a good time :)

  2. Fantastic -- can't find any spools here.

  3. Where did you get the spools?