Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Super Cool Work Bench Anyone Can Build!

I am a blog-addict. I can get sucked down the black hole of  blog world pretty easily but I find really cool blogs this way. The other day I found a DIY site called, One Project Closer and they had a workbench that I fell in love with.

One Project Closer's Workbench. Praying that mine will turn out this nice. NOTE- I WISH MY WHOLE SHOP LOOKED THIS NICE.

So off to Home Depot (their recommendation because you all know I am a Lowes girl) to get my supplies. Also, Home Depot was the only place I could get these Simpson Tie brackets and I found out that they are the POO for this application and they are only about 6 bucks a piece!!!!!!!! If you get a chance to get to Home Depot check out their display of Simpson products. Here is what the ones I used look like:

Simpson Tie Bracket

Simpson Tie Bracket

 I also followed their suggestion of getting cabinet grade 3/4 inch plywood and having Home Depot cut it in half length wise to save you a step when you get home. Well I won't do that again because they did kind of crappy job at it. If you don't know how to cut a piece of plywood please check out Kristen @ Pink Toes and Power Tools. She has a video on How to cut plywood with a circular saw. Worth your time to watch it!

Here is me starting my bench. You are suppose to cut the legs at 36". When you add the casters and the plywood the finished bench should have be around 40".I am 5'5" on a good day and I am not getting any taller and the 40" was just too tall for me so I cut me legs at 30" which put my finish bench at 36"

Here is my bench upside down so I can place the brackets for the bottom shelf. Irwin Quick Grip Clamps are a MUST!

The leg is clamped to help me.

Putting on the bottom brace and casters. Remember every project must have a random kitty in the pic!

Bottom shelf in and getting ready to put on the top.

Where is the top?

Here it is!!! BEAUTIFUL! I love it! It is AWESOME!

Here is the scene looking out my workshop window! 2 of my 5 horses.

Shop kitty~ Baby T

I did a few modifications but the step by step plans are are so easy and the bench looks amazing! You can get the plans here: Workbench plans. While you are there, look around. You will not be disappointed!


  1. Gah! I wish I was handier around here. Uhh, I don't think I can use power tools in my apartment though!

    Great views, you have snow too, I see. Uhh, except I don't have horses outside my window!

  2. Love your workbench!!! I wish I had a spot to have a permanent workbench. In a decade I'll get the third bay of the garage back I suppose, once the smallest Pink Toe is off to college, ha ha!

  3. I saw their post for this and thought for a second you had posted their post here. LOL Fantastic job.

  4. First step on completing workbench designs is to secure four foot planks. Make sure you lay them with 22 inches apart. Butt up the foot boards to the inside of the end boards. Hammer the legs with nails to keep them secure. Place a plywood sheet on the frame of your workbench. Double check that it is flush on all the sides so that there’s no overhang. Secure the plywood with nails. It should be nailed about six inches apart. Then, turn your workbench upside down to be able to install the legs. Place a 3 x 3 leg in one corner. Mount the leg with a hinge and screw it to the leg and to the post. Put a hook lock on the end of the board. After you connect the hook, put the eye screw at the post. Make sure the hook can reach it. Then, do same procedure with the other posts. Certainly, learning workbench designs is easy and fun.