Sunday, January 1, 2012

Blueberry Barnyard-

Back in October I bought another farm because I didn't have enough to do. No because I have always liked "destination spots" When my kids were little we always planned an afternoon to go the local pumpkin patch and we would walk the fields looking for the "perfect pumpkin." But it wasn't just pumpkins, it was a petting zoo, apple cider and pony rides. And it was an memorable afternoon of family time with my kids. Then there was the Christmas Tree farm and that was as fun as the Pumpkin Patch........... just a lot colder!

I have always love the idea of having a "U PICK BLUEBERRY FARM" and I have told this kids enough times I am sure they are sick of it. My biggest hang up was, my farm is on a dead end gravel/seal coat road that you can not get to with GPS. I have no parking and there is not any tilled land right now. Just not the "right" setting for a public place.

Then there was a farm that came up for sale down the road from me that sits on a main highway. When it came up for sale I drove in the driveway and looked around. I always loved it and I could still picture the old man that lived there out feeding his cattle. He passed away a couple of years ago and place went into an estate where it was bought by a local BIG AG farmer. The farmer wanted the ground but not the 1897 house and barns. Wow. So I forgot about the place until my daughter Cheeo made me call the realtor and make an appointment, We looked at the place and the price was right. $109,900. for the house, out buildings and 5 acres. I told Cheeo that the farm had to have a purpose because I didn't need another payment. At that moment I realized that THIS PLACE was going to be the destination place I have always wanted. Cheeo was on board and we made an offer. The survey come back wrong (how the hell that happens I don't know) so we ended up with 6.5 acres, house, and out buildings for 115,000.00 Here are the pictures and you will see why I fell in LOVE with the place.

The east half of the property

This is a a front view Cattle Loafing Barn

The rear view of the cattle loafing barn. Can you see where they loaf?

Inside the rear of the cattle barn
Inside the main cattle barn

Inside the main cattle barn. Now that is some post and beam construction

Hog farrowing sad shape.

Out side the production chicken coop. Yep it needs help too.

Inside the chicken coop~ why do people leave me their crap?

Inside the chicken coop AND MORE CRAP!

Inside the chicken coop and yet MORE CRAP!

Machine shed with the corn crib in the background.

Corn crib- rear view

Antique scale in the corn crib

Machine shed

Inside the machine shed. More Post and Beam!

This the 3 car garage that I would like to make into a house with a loft.
There is more stuff to show and I will as we progress. All need is time and money! But here is the very beginning of the:

Blueberry Barnyard!


  1. Fabulous Tamara! So much potential...

  2. LOVE IT!!!!
    I am so excited to see what you will do with it...{Tho...I's Found!}
    It was So Great Meeting You Girls....Thanks...for Everything!
    Love to You!
    Barb C.

  3. wonderful blog! I am so looking forward to each and every step till you get to the finished product.

  4. I already love it!!! Can't wait to see you put your stamp on it.

  5. Cool! Typical Illinois farm from a century ago -- cattle, hogs, and chickens. You should restore everything to its former glory and put a few animals in there so people can see what a farm was really like. And that antique scale is awesome!!!