Friday, November 4, 2011

Let the tool buying began!!!!!!!

I knew I was going to have to buy an arsenal of tools when I started this project. Hand tools and power tools. I do have some tools but my tool chest is very hit and miss. I wrote a couple of blogs ago buying MADE IN THE USA. Well, bad news, there is no power tools MADE IN THE USA. This saddens me very much but I have gotten over it and moved on.  If someone finds out any thing different please leave a comment.

So I will be buying tools based on reviews and my BFF'S advice.

**SIDE NOTE- My BFF (Best Friend Forever) is a 40 something guy that is not a professional carpenter but did put a full 2nd story on his 1 story ranch and he did it working around his full time job.

Here is the power tools I have:

  • Craftsman table saw
  • Skil circular saw
  • Black and Decker cordless drill with 2 batteries
  • Portable air compressor
Here is my wish list so far
  • Makita 12" Dual Slider Miter Saw (LS1216L)
  • DEWALT 10 Amp Reciprocating Saw (DW304PK)
  • Paslode Cordless 16 Gauge Finish Nailer (900600)
  • Paslode Framing Nailer (cordless)
  • Hand held Router- (???)
  • Dremal (4000-6)
I have been on the hunt for a miter saw and based on several reviews I have settled on Makita with a price tag of $599.00 . You can see some of the reviews here. This Old House Magazine calls this the "must have miter saw" You can check out the review if you would like and I won't bore you with all the details.

I went to  Home Depot, our local Makita dealer, and of course they did not have what I was looking for so I turned my search to online. I found what I was looking for on EBAY. (Imagine that) but I got more than I was planning on. Here is what I bought:

Makita 12" Dual Slider Miter Saw with folding portable stand
It kinda gets your juices flowing don't it????? The price tag was $799.00 with NO TAX AND FREE SHIPPING!!!!!!! This combo was $849.00 plus tax and shipping through Home Depot.

While I was on the black hole called EBAY I also found this:

I got this little gem brand new for $247.00 plus $10.99 shipping. This list at Lowes for $349.00 plus tax. So that is a savings of about $100.00 not to mention my time and fuel.  AND-Sales tax saved @7.25% was $75.83

So now I wait for my windows from Menards and my tools from all over the country to arrive and while I wait I will be doing demolition on my new laundry room. Pics to come this weekend.

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  1. Hey from the big city! Dang it woman, you have my respect. If I can figure a screwdriver from a hammer, I call it a good day!