Monday, November 7, 2011

Buck Huts and other farm ramblings

Winter is coming. You can't stop it. Living on a farm puts a whole new twist on winter. No matter how much I prep for winter it always seems like it creeps up on me and bites me in the butt. Oh I know the falling temperature, leaves turning a different color, then falling completely off the trees and daylight savings time should all be a big clues that winter is coming but winter always seems to "show up" catching me off guard.

One of my fall projects was building a Buck Hut. What is a Buck Hut you might ask. Well a Buck Hut is a low 3-sided lean-to that houses the boy goats on the farm. I build one last spring but there is a definite to need to separate the older boys from the younger boys because the older boys thinks the younger ones are their "girlfriends", if you know what I mean. So I framed it up a couple of weeks ago and here is how it has sat in my garage:


My son went out to the barn and got some RB&B (Reverse Board and Batten) and plywood. I was HYPED to finish my project! I got all the sides done and 2/3 of the roof done and ........................... I ran out of 1/2 inch plywood. So I was in the garage mumbling cussing about the plywood when my 16 year old son who we shall call Big L (more protecting the innocent) came in and here is how the conversation went:

Big L: What's wrong?

Me: I need some more 1/2 plywood. Go check the barn and see if I got some more.

Big L: I already looked and all we have is RB&B and 1/2 inch OSB (oriented strand board)

Me: You sure?

Bid L: Yeah, I had to dig to get you the plywood you got. Just use the OSB. You are going to put tin over it anyway. What makes the difference?

Me: I don't want OSB. I want plywood.  I will just go look myself. **This is where I stomp off to the barn and come back to find Big L smiling like the Cheshire Cat**

(example of Big L's shit eating grin)

No Plywood. Crap. Epic Failure~ BUCK HUT NOT DONE! How do you have a barn full of misc wood and NOT have 1/2 plywood????  So today I will be getting some plywood and tin to finish the Buck Hut.

On a positive note I was thinking I was going to have to power wash the Buck Hut before I painted it but tomorrow we are suppose to get 3 inches of rain and high winds so I think I will let mother nature take care of it.

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