Saturday, November 26, 2011

Laundry Room: Before and During Pics

Woke this morning to a warm and balmy day. Considered putting the windows in today but as soon as I checked the radar I knew that was not going to happen. It looked like the rain was going to be here in an hour and when it started I was going to stick around for the whole day. So I went out to my workshop to get something and decided in that moment that I was going to finish the Buck Hut that was in the middle of the workshop so you need to walk around it every time you walk in.  Highly annoying. But the things never seem to go smoothly around here because there is always a chain of events that must happen before this happens, Like the following:

First I didn't get the Buck Hut done because I didn't have ONE piece of 1/2 plywood.

Then I didn't have the Buck Hut done because I was using the circular saw in the house and I had the blade set to the "perfect setting" to take out the floor in the dining room. I mean, you might never find that exact depth again.

I finally get the dining room floor out so I can take the circular saw back out to the workshop to cut the ONE piece of plywood needed.

Cut the ONE piece of plywood and finish the Buck Hut

Can't move the Buck Hut out of the work shop because the tractor has a flat tire.

Need to walk all around the farm looking for the air compressor to fill up the tire.

Found the compressor and aired up the tire......................finally.

MOVED THE BUCK HUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I put the miter saw and stand together which I am pretty sure certifies me as an aeronautical engineer. (I had to use the directions) That is 2 hours of my life I will NEVER get back.

Here is some before pics of the mudroom that it going to be the laundry:

But look what I found under the 1/4 laminate that was nailed to the wall:

It is the original clap board siding  on at least two walls and I am thinking I am going to keep it and incorporate in my decor by cleaning and painting it so it will have a "porch like" feel. It looks really cool. Leave a comment if you like it / hate it .

And finally for my friend Miss Effie. Here is some thing for our Pinterest board! It was taken in Kalona IA and I thought of you!


  1. Awesome find in your back porch!! Love Love Love clapboard!!

  2. Love the buck hut story! Sounds like the way things happen around here!

    And I need details on that cool house that looks like it's made of windows. I am not getting into Pinterest because it sounds addicting, and I don't need another time sink. :)