Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday~ no DIY but just a little historic eye candy.

Not going to lie.  Work and the nice weather has sucked me in, not the mention baby goats! Spring has sprung and it makes really hard to stay in side.  And did I mention baby goats??? Look at this and tell me that this wouldn't make want to be in the barn........all the TIME! So when one of my girlfriends came down I felt it was only proper to take some time and play with these little fellas!

All babies need a nap!

Mack and Immelio

Mack in the Hat!

Now for some house stuff! Her are some aerial shots of my farm in 1976.The barn on the right is no longer there due to a barn fire about 10-15 years ago. The lady who I bought the from lost her show horses in it and was quite a tragedy. Especially since it was rumored that it was arson. I love looking at these.

The big white barn on the right is the barn that is no longer there.

A different angle and the dirt road seen in the bottom of this picture use to go to the back of the property but is no longer there. 

A different angle. 

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