Friday, March 9, 2012

A Sneak Peak into the Past.

When I moved to my farm I was planning on tearing down the house so I never gave much thought to the history of the house. But now that I have decided to keep the house and renovate it, I think about the life this house has had all the time. I wonder who lived here? What did they do for a living? Was anyone born here? Did anyone pass here? It has actually has moved me to start doing the research necessary to find out my homes history and I am slowly putting the pieces together.

When I bought my house the owner told me that the house was built in 1886 and looking at the construction I believe that is pretty close the being right. So I guess that is where my timeline starts.

Next, I went to visit my neighbor, Christie, who is in her 40's but she grew up on my road and her parents used to own the better part of the land. I knocked on her door and explained that I was looking for history on the house. She invited me in and told me to have a seat and picked up the phone and called her mom to see if she remembered anything about the house. Her mother said, no, but you need to talk to Alice who's family bought the house in 1944. Alice and Christie's mom are still good friends and she had Alice's phone number. I got the number and I was on my way.

That evening I called Alice , who lives in Wyoming, and here is how that conversation when,

ME: Hello, Is this Alice?


ME: I live in the house your parents used to own and you grew up in and I was wondering if you could give me a little history on it.

ALICE: ..........................................................*silence*................................

ME: Alice, are you still there?

ALICE: You mean the house is still there?

ME: Yes, and I am renovating it.

ALICE: Oh my! That is wonderful! I will help you with whatever I can but you need to talk to my sister Virginia, she is 81 and she has a really good memory.

So I chatted with Alice for about 30 minutes and she agreed to try find some old pictures and anything that would help.

I called her sister Virginia who lives here locally and here is how that conversation went:

ME: Hello, Is this Virginia?


ME: I live in the house your parents used to own and you grew up in and I was wondering if you could give me a little history on it. I got your number from your sister Alice.

VIRGINIA: You live in my parents old farm house?

ME: Yes and I am looking for some history and pictures, anything you have I would appreciate.

VIRGINIA: Of course I will help anyway I can. I will talk to my brother Gene and my other sister Mary
and see what they have. But you really need to talk to Mary R. Here family is owed the house before my parents did. Hang on, I have her number here.

ME: You are welcome to come out and see the farm.............................

So guess who is coming Sunday for a visit ?????????  Virginia and her daughter! And they are bringing pictures and newspaper clippings.

So this is just a teaser. I have so much more to share but it will have to wait....................


  1. Ya know how I feel about restoration. I am soooo proud of you. And you will have a ball finding out the details.

    Can't wait to see pics!

  2. Good omen that so many of these old buggers are still kicking. Hopefully it is a side effect of living in the house.