Monday, March 19, 2012

Excuses, distractions, and getting things done.

Reasons I have not done the laundry room:

Excuse #1

I had visitors last week so I wanted it to look presentable and not like I was in the middle of a major renovation. I didn't tear up anything that needed any cleaning and I vowed as soon as the visit was done I was going to get started back on the laundry room. 

Excuse #2

Then this week the  weather has been beautiful here in Illinois. Like 75 and sunny...............EVERYDAY!. Well that put me in the mood for doing farm work and not remodeling. I will say that the whole time I am outside I feel guilty about not getting the laundry room finished. 

Excuse #3

Saturday there was a local farm implement auction that I felt that I must attend because I obviously needed a hay rack, manure spreader, and a bunch of other crap. While I was out at auction I told my daughter that I should be home working on the laundry room.

The New Dawn~ Excuses be Gone!

When I got up Sunday I decided that it was D-day!!!!!!!! So I am committed to working on the laundry room EVERYDAY!!! (read again: EVERYDAY) until those pair of Whirlpools find their way into the new finished room! I am going to say it again.................EVERYDAY!!! All the work outside is going to have to wait.

Sunday morning I got going on yet more demo. When is it going to end? I don't know. At first I was going to try to keep the clapboard and incorporate it in the design of the room. The more I looked at it the more I was against it. One reason was it the amount of "stuff" I found behind the boards I have already removed. Like walnut shells and old wasp mud nests. And dirt. And more dirt. And even more dirt! I have really bonded with the Shop Vac. So it is out with the old and not so ready for the new but I am getting there. If I keep my goals I should be posting on here daily.

 Here is yesterday:

Starting with a semi clean room

Tearing out stuff.

Taking out interior window. Take a look at the boards that were the side of the house. Holy crap.

Getting the clapboard out, and walnut shells and wasp nest.............................

No more door frame! 

I worked about 4 hours on this. That is what it took to fill up a pick up truck box full of scrap. I have been taking all the building scraps to work because I have to dumpsters there.  I have resisted getting a roll-off because I have visions of it being there forever killing the grass but I am really thinking that this is a must to help expedite the demo progress. Still thinking on it. I wouldn't want to get too excited. 

So my goal today is to get the door taken out and set some foundation blocks in. Should be interesting since I have never done that before!

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  1. You are a warrior woman! Craziness! I think you need to start teaching classes so other women can do this!