Thursday, December 29, 2011

Waiting and reading some kick ass blogs.

I am in the Midwest. It is the last week of December. It is cold and snowy warm and sunny. It is going to be 53 degrees here on New Years Eve day.  NO SNOW IN SIGHT. I know patience is a virtue but it's not my virtue so I called the Gitter Done boys and asked them if the step thing was going to happen. Here is how the conversation went:

GITTER DONE: Yep! some time next year.  (HA.     HA.      HA. Very funny). 

ME:  No, seriously, when can you guys come out. 

GITTER DONE: Welllllll it is suppose to 45 degrees today and more good weather next week so we are putting up a pole barn.

ME: How long is that going to take?

GITTER DONE: Oh..... I don't know. Around 10 days or so.

ME: Ummmm Okay. Well "we" are still going to do this moving the staircase thing aren't "we"??? (There is almost begging tone to this)

GITTER DONE: Sure, as soon as it gets a little colder out.

So I am at a stand still. Do I have crap to do around the farm? Yep. So I will probably fill my blog with mini projects and I am going to work around my me and daughters new farm. (More to come on that) But in the meantime check out these super cool blogs from Lady DIY'ers.

The name says it all! This blog is ran by Kit Stansley. She is now a licensed contractor so she has graduated from a DIY'er. She is also a guest writer for Bob Villa. I love her writing style and her sense of humor shines through. It is a great read and I think my BFF is secretly in love with Kit!

This blog is ran by a gal named Kristen and she lives in the Midwest. I love the fact that SHE CAN MAKE FURNITURE!!! So cool! I mean really cool. It is a dream of mine to make furniture someday.  I love her "step-by-step" style and simplicity of explaining things to the less fortunate skilled such as me. And she does beautiful work to boot! I recently email Kristen and she was kind enough to respond and I quote, "She has farm envy" LOL I laughed so hard I had tears running down my leg! After a week on the old goat farm she would have "I want to go back to my super cool house envy"

This is what Sandra says about herself:

I'm a crafter, DIY'er, home renovator and builder of "STUFF". We move frequently so I get lots of chances to buy a house and then tear it up so I can put my mark on it before we sell it and move again. I hope you'll join me on my DIY adventure as I start all over again.

Like Kit and Kristen, Sandra Blog is funny and informative. I haven't even touched the surface of this blog and I love it!

I love all three of the blogs and I am in awe when you can see what we, not only as women but people, are capable of if we only apply ourselves. (Yes I know that I totally sounded like my 6th grade teacher here) So indulge yourself today and check out these way awesome blogs and wait with me for old man winter to show up!

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