Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Part 2- I can see clearly now because I have windows!

Okay, On Sunday night we left off with, the frame is up and I have OSB covering the whole wall.

Monday I cut the OSB to fit the wall and I needed to cut out the openings for the windows. I have to say that their is a lot of "armchair carpenters" in my life and they always start off with, "Here is what you need to do, (fill in the blank). One of the brilliant suggestions was:

GAR BEAR: Here is what you need to do, put up the OSB and take your reciprocal saw and cut out the openings for the windows. Just run it around frame and to should be good.

ME: I am not that good with the recip-saw. I think I should temporary put them up and trace around them and then put them on saw horses and cut them with a circular saw.

GAR BEAR: Oh hell! You will be fine!! Just use the recip-saw!

ME: Uhhhhh............ Well............ I guess I could try that............ but really I am not................

GAR BEAR: Trust me!

So I put up the OSB with a million 2 1/2 inch screws and get out the reciprocal saw and.... EPIC FAILURE. I am not strong enough obviously. DUH.

Take out the million screws, put the sheet of OSB on the saw horses and cut it with a circular saw.

*NOTE* What I learned from this little escapade was, trust my instincts and if someone is not willing to help then I have little regard for their opinion.

So this how Monday ended, Yeah I know I am missing something! like maybe windows????

Now fast forward to Tuesday afternoon with a BIG threat of rain coming in December of all things. I got home at 12:30 and got the windows unpacked from the packaging. Test fitted them. Big L started to silicone the flanges. I sent Cheeo to the garage to get some 2" roofing nail that I am sure I have. So sure that I didn't even check to make sure. I don't even need to tell that next I was going to town to pick up some nails do I? Yepper.  There is really not much more we need to say about that.

Here is how Tuesday ended and yes it was raining:

And here it is from the inside:

Ta-da!!!!!! So I know it is not done but I am supper happy with just getting the windows in!