Monday, August 6, 2012

Putting the laundry room back together

Demo is just about done and I am starting to put laundry room put back together. It is an awesome feeling. I have to admit that I have had some apprehension because of my lack of knowledge along the way but that has not deterred me. Back when I was talking with the Gitter Done boys about renovation my house they were encouraging me to "just build a new house" I think I understand what they were talking about......NOW. So here is what has been happening in the last few weeks during our heat wave 2012:

New Sub Floor Where the Stairs Used To Be!

First of all I have to proclaim my love for Simpson Ties!!!!!!! I have used these to build my work bench that you can see HERE and putting in floor joists.  They are awesome, cheap and durable. A great combo.  You can see how I used them below.

Here is the floor joists and you can see the basement down below

Here is another angle. As you can see you walked down 2 steps to a landing and then went right to the outside. There was a door there but took it out and put in new foundation block and framed in the opening. You would go left to go to the basement but in this picture I have the steps removed. 

When putting in sub floor you got to put down some PL400! The stuff is da bomb! It eliminates squeaks and trust me, your sub floor will never come up. You will be laughing in your grave when the next people remodel your house. 

TA-DA!!!!! Subfloor is coming together!

Building a False Wall Because I am Lazy

On the north wall (which was original exterior wall of the porch that was enclosed)   there is a huge beam that runs the entire length of the house. It is something like 10"x10" and it is NOT what I want to be drilling through. I figured the electrical wouldn't be so bad but trying to drill a 2 1/2 drain would be another story. . Plus I didn't want to compromise the structure of the house.Then there is the issue of that being a planked wall and not studs So I decided to build a false wall to give me something to put the utilities in. I am not sure that this is the way a real contractor would do it but this is the way I seen as a solution to multiple problems.

Here is  a picture of the planked wall. It is an inch thick with that 10" beam directly below it. NOTICE: The wall on the left is a part of the oldest house. It is actually hand sawed I will try to get better pictures of this before I close it up. It is quite interesting. The newer house on the right is still hand sawed but it has a much smoother finish.

Here is the a picture of the false wall framed up in front of the former exterior planked wall. Please take note of the tape measure hanging from the top plate:

I was lining up the studs with the ceiling which has joists 16" on center. WOW! How easy is this going to be?    
Well I guess I should paid better attention because the ceiling joist's are ACTUAL 2x4's and I off some where and my last 4 studs were slanted. As you can see below. I am sure this falls under the "measure twice - cut once" rule. 

My mom was out visiting when I discovered the fiasco. Here is how that conversation went:

ME: Shit! These studs are off!!!

MOM: Oh just a little bit.(trying to be nice)

ME: A little bit? They are an inch off from the top to the bottom!!!!!

MOM: Well aren't you going to have drywall in front of the it? Nobody will be able to see it.And it is just a false wall and not a structural issue.

ME: Yeah, but I will know. (insert a lot of curse words here) How could I have messed up so (insert more curse words here) bad???  (((MORE CURSING))) I AM NOT REDOING THAT WALL!!! 

My mom left and I fixed the wall. After all......... I would know.

Here is my Great Pyrenees Merlin carving out a spot in the middle of the renovation. 


  1. LOL I would know too now that you told me. LOL (I would have had to fix it too). You're amazing!

  2. You sound like Mike ... but I did convince him to not fix the wall. It was about 1 a.m. when we had that same conversation! It's in our bedroom closet. Remind me to show you sometime! :)