Wednesday, July 4, 2012

~~~~~Heat Wave~~~~~~ and back to home improvement.

I live in the Midwest. I have lived here most of my life with the exception of a couple of rebellious years of living in California straight out of high school. I live in the same town that my parents lived when I was born and I am the 5th generation to this town so I guess I can say that I am a true "Midwesterner"

If you are not from here, well let me tell you that we are in the middle of a heat wave and a drought. It is is is unbearable at best. But Midwesterners are stoic. Nobody complains. You go somewhere and you hear, "Sure is hot out there" or "Is it hot enough for you?" and when you leave there is the obligatory, "Stay cool"

I try to be stoic and I think I do a pretty good job for the most part but I haven't been doing much home improvement because all I have been doing is demo and no improvement, I know you got to do demo to be able to put stuff back together, but I am sick of it. I feel like if I was going to blog I would just end up bitching about more demo so I  decided that I wasn't going to write anything until I had something positive to say.

Then the heat wave happened. A perfect excuse to not do anything outside on the farm. I decided I was going to work 1 hour a day on my project and I was NOT going to start anything else until I get the laundry room done. Magically things are actually getting done this way! Seriously. I start working on it after work and I tell myself that I just need to tear stuff apart for 1 hour. Well I am actually starting to put stuff back together and I should be hanging sheetrock this weekend. Hallelujah!

I might mention that I picked one of the hardest rooms to do first. I tore out and rebuilt an exterior wall, (never  framed before), I put in new windows (never done that before), Laid blocks for a foundation (never done that before) Put in new floor joists (Never done that before), Installed subfloor (Do I really need to say it?) I haven't even covered electrical or plumbing yet.

So I am I think I had a pretty big learning curve but thank God I rarely stop and think before I do anything or else I would haven't accomplished half of everything I have done with in my life.


  1. Love it! I'm not big into thinking before doing either. It gets in the way of progress.

    1. Hey Deborah~ Maybe that is why we get along so well!

  2. Replies
    1. I might be entering the "bat shit crazy" stage Cathy!

  3. You go girl! I "Think" maybe thats my problem- I think too much, over analzing everything.

  4. Way to go girl! I can't handle the heat. It makes me feel like throwing up. So, well, you're stronger than me. Plus, I've never installed windows before or exterior walls so you're totally racking up points!!!