Thursday, October 20, 2011

Farm Girl vs Farmhouse, a little background.

In 2008 I begin looking for some land to buy because I was tired of living in the suburbs. All I wanted to do was have a quiet existence with a few horses but I quickly realized that most 5 acre "farmettes" were out of my price range. I was not deterred and I kept looking. I also had criteria but I tell you picky and small budget do not go together!

One day me and a friend of mine were heading to town and we seen a signs that read:


Really???? Could it be???? I drove down the dead end road (one of the criteria) but I could not find it so I went back out to the highway and called the number. A nice old lady answered and give me directions (yes- I needed directions on a dead end road)

When I got there the owner gave us a tour of the place telling how her husband had died 6 months earlier died and the old farm was too much to handle. She had planned to take 10 acres of the 25 acre track and build a house down the road.

Well I was IN LOVE! The farmstead was about 125 years old with a house, an old post and beam barn, and a big garage. I knew it would come with a lot of work too because it had not well maintained for many years.

I looked at it on Sunday and I put in an offer on it on Monday, less that 24 hours from the time I saw it. Then I told my kids that we would be moving to a real farm. Within a year we had a farm with horses, alpacas, chickens, peacocks and goats. (We now raise Nigerian Dwarf goats to keep our tax ag status.They are a miniature dairy goat and I am sure you will hear more about them later.)

The plan was to tear down the house. Now it was not a bad house, I mean after all it is shelter. Basic shelter. No frill shelter. Drafty shelter. The kind of shelter that has made think, time and time again, on how our pioneer ancestors made it. Yep the house had to go.

I had big dreams about building a brand new house with all the bells and whistles. I big fine grand house! The house of all houses that would be envied by all my peers! Oh what a beautiful house that would be!

The I was at the county courthouse doing some research on "The House" and I stopped by the assessors office to ask about how much my taxes would be if I build this beautiful home. I currently pay around $1500.00 dollars in taxes and if I built the big fine house they would be $6500.00. Now I know someone had lost their ever loving mind because I was NOT going to be paying that much property tax. Hell, I don't want to pay $1500.00.

Time to get me a new plan. I have some skills and better yet  I have friends with skills. So I decided to remodel "The House" one room at a time and I also thought it would be fun to blog about it so I would have some sort of documentation if I ever get done.

This picture was taken while the previous owner was still living here.  Yes, I was stalking the house.

 Here is the old girl close up.

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